New painting – Monterey Cypers

Cypers, Gallery
I always been inspired by flora in California, but Monterey Cypers probably one of my favorite locals here. There is something about light that beams through think hair of the trees, and long thin trunks make twisted lines cutting horizon. Together, cypers look like bouquet of flowers: popping high above the ground, stretching arms to blue sky. This painting is first one from "Stories of...

What’s new on my easel?

A cityscape again. :) San Francisco, again blue mood. Strangely I came across reading about colors of blue that represent memories, love and sadness. For me, blue color was always a color of hope, of an open sky, somewhat a feeling of freedom. 36X36, oil on canvas and enormous amount of evening hours poured into the canvas. Available at  Cit Art Gallery in September, please stop by...